She was born in Faenza in 1981. After an artistic education, in 2003 she opened her own studio, where she began her ceramic course, studying new techniques and new materials for the development of customized solutions. She devoted herself mainly to materials research using especially ceramics, ranging from forms to the decorations. In 2011 offers a new collection of objects, especially lamps combining ceramics with other materials such as wood. In 2012 she won the Opendesign award with her project Nordic Lamp.
She work with various companies like Fabbian, Colombini casa, ceramica Gatti and she participated to various exhibitions and some magazines started writing about her: Interni, Case da Abitare, Ottagono etc..
Since 2015 he has been designing and producing a catalog of products with his trademark which is precisely his name, decorative and everyday objects in ceramic, combined with wood that recall an essential and clean style.
To date, its products are distributed all over the world and decorate the homes of many people from Japan to America.

Federica Bubani
Via della punta 6/5 48018 Faenza(Ra)
TEL. 329-4135595