C.A.A.T., Export Promotion Group of Artistic and Traditional Crafts, was founded in 1980 to promote and to support development processes on the international markets of micro and small enterprises of our Territory, which produce various gift items made of the most sought-after materials for gift, home and stationery and artistic mosaic.

C.A.A.T. member companies’ creations are distinguished by design refinement and quality.
The activities of the Group include initiatives and services, among which market researches, Trade-show participations, foreign operators welcome events, advertising campaigns, mailing and export assistance and consulting services.

C.A.A.T is a most important partner for the international buyers, being an unique interlocutor for a very wide range of products of the finest Artistic and Traditional Handicraft of Emilia-Romagna region.

Project co-financed by European Regional Development Fund