Since 1920 in his artisan laboratory, Stamperia BERTOZZI, has given life to the hand-printing process of the Romagna tradition. The skilled hands of the craftsmen carve pear-wood blocks to create the stamps of patterns suitable for many supports: typically textiles, but also ceramics and leather.
BERTOZZI printed textiles are the result of a link between the Romagna tradition and the latest trends. The use of strictly natural fibers for the textiles and the attention to the finishings are enhanced by the exclusive steam fixing process. Traditional fabrics are combined with fine linens and innovative finishing touches. Classic and contemporary designs are poured into the innumerable items offered ranging from bathroom linen to the bedroom, from the kitchen to the table, from textiles for furnishings to fashion accessories. Products are precious coordinates in which attention to detail dominates. Only the products of ancient craftsmanship tradition like those of BERTOZZI, are able to ensure the quality of the true “Made in Italy”.

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