In 2015, GIOBAGNARA acquired the famous Italian brand of saddle leather RABITTI. The old italian brand, founded in Milan in 1969, has been recently launched as Rabitti1969, to highlight its historical authenticity.
Rudi Rabitti, who launched the company in Milan in 1969, was a pioneer in the saddle leather sector: it was the first brand to offer a wide array of home accessories in this type of leather.
Indeed, the most important feature of the Rabitti1969 products, is that they are entirely created in saddle  leather. Saddle leather is a particularly thick and sturdy material that allows the artisan to create furnishing objects besides bags. The dyeing process is based on the use of natural tannins and on a complete absence of chrome, coveying that characteristic genuine look and soft consistency which only natural leather without synthetic covering reveals.

RABITTI 1969 is a brand of B.HOME INTERIORS S.r.l.
Operating office:Piacenza, Italy Via Nicoli, 4
Tel. (+39) 0523.755.220