talian Renaissance Art left us timeless jewels, some of them are printed on linen. We still print the linen exactly the way our ancestors did in 1400 and 1500: with our hands, with our blocks of hand-carved pear-wood, with same mallets used by our forefathers, to perpetuate their Functional Art. Since 1920 these ancient and charming gesturesare renewed to create unique and personlized pieces for your home : to identify it and your style using italian typical patterns for tableclothes, bedclothes and bath linens. Our home linens collections recall atmospheres, memories and hopes. Our sense of timeis exactly that of Italian Renaissance craftsmen : we’re aligned to the idea that time is the real luxury, the luxury to indulge in quality. We hope you share our sense of time and beauty.

Indirizzo Via degli Angeli, 32 – 40124 Bologna (BO)
Tel.  051 583200 – Fax 051 331822  Mail: info@laboratoriodegliangeli.it