FOS CERAMICHE di Mazzotti Piero Paolo
FOS Ceramiche was founded in 1987 as a manufacture of art and design in Faenza, a city that is synonymous with majolica all over the world, and whose reputation as a privileged place for this production dates back to the thirteenth century.
The idea, the genesis and the philosophy of a product by FOS Ceramiche encapsulate creative thinking, innovative challenge, constant research and quality control.
The mission of FOS is to create new settings for the home environment, using exclusive interior design items made ​​in porcelain and sometimes made precious by noble metals such as gold and platinum.
Each piece is unique, the result of a constant balance between art, craft and design, which is engraved with the trademark , as well as the excellence of Made in Italy.
FOS is present in the best international fairs of furniture.

FOS CERAMICHE di Mazzotti Piero Paolo
Indirizzo Via Risorgimento, 27 – 48018 Faenza (RA)
Tel. 0546 621362 – Fax 0546 625764  Mail: